One of the first paintings of Man is the ancestor of the cow: the auroch. The cow has often been depicted throughout history, particularly in prehistory, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt.

The installation proposed by La Poétique de l’Autruche reinvents another story in the form of a legend by hijacking the inscriptions of artefacts. Presented in the form of a strange archaeological exhibition, it will explore an imaginary “Pre-history” of the famous red cow. These mythologies will mix humour, which is at the heart of the brand, with styles of representation referring to ancient civilisations.

What if The Laughing Cow was more than 100 years old?


Autumn 2021 – Conception : La Poétique de l’Autruche, director of events – Virginie Amant & Julie Vuillemin. Aimed at professionals as well as private individuals, La Poétique de l’Autruche, based in Besançon, combines its creativity and know-how to offer you an original, offbeat, aesthetic, playful and poetic staging without forgetting the notion of participation within the event. She invites the spectators to plunge into a unique universe, tailor-made according to the location, so that they are surprised, become “actors” and of course have a good time!