Sonia Ezgulian’s culinary residence

For three days, Chef Sonia Ezgulian will be at The Laughing Cow House and will take over the kitchen to concoct ingenious new recipes.

During her residency, she will revisit cooking with some of our partners during thematic workshops. The first “It all starts with a drawing”, aimed at young audiences, invites children to discover the art behind the elaboration of a recipe and initiates them to let their creativity speak behind the stove.

The second workshop is for seniors, it is called “transmission and sharing” and aims to awaken the taste buds of our seniors.

And finally, the third workshop, “Constraint is inspiring”, intended for people with disabilities, is a reflection on adapted cooking. It will allow them to find tips and create recipes adapted to their needs.

You can follow Sonia Ezgulian’s residency step by step via our social networks. Stay connected 😉