Weekend event

On the occasion of the second edition of the cyclosportive La Vache qui rit, a Week end event is prepared in Lons-le-Saunier.

The program will feature fun and offbeat activities that combine cycles and reflect the Bel group’s commitments, as well as its values such as laughter and sharing. This is an opportunity to remind you of the safety conditions necessary for bicycle travel.

The animations, to be discovered with family or friends, will be accessible free of charge from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the parking lot located in front of The Laughing Cow House.

Cyclo circus

About twenty unusual bikes, worthy of the greatest circuses, will be at your disposal. Side-by-side tandem, Grand-Bi, step bike, scooter, 36-inch bike, with off-axis wheels or articulated frame… A great choice to have fun!

Accessible from 2 years old for children accompanied by adults and without age limit


Héliobil Events will make you discover, thanks to a big ecological wheel and cooperative games, the accessibility and the performances of a free energy: the sun. The calves of the parents will also be put to the test because to operate the wheel they will also have to pedal!

Accessible from 2 years old for children accompanied by adults

Tracking game

Numerous riddles, charades and games to play with family and friends to laugh and have fun while discovering the extraordinary history of an iconic brand, its values and its commitments.

Accessible from 5 years old for children accompanied by adults

treasure hunt 1
track game 2
treasure hunt 3

How to ride a bike

This program offers families an accessible and useful workshop designed to reinforce the practice of cycling among children, but also to make them aware of the safety conditions of this mode of travel on public roads. For the little ones, a technical platform will allow them to improve their balance on 2 wheels and to master their trajectory, while the older ones will be able to evolve on an educational circuit.

You can come equipped, otherwise draisiennes, bikes and helmets will be provided.

Accessible from 3 years old for children accompanied by adults

road safety

Bicycle Exchange

Recyclo, a partnership between the associations OASIS and ADLCA, both of which are Workshops for the Integration of people who are farthest from employment, will offer about forty cycles for sale. Bikes ready for a second life thanks to their passage through the ADLCA’s mechanical workshop, which has expertise in terms of repairing and making vehicles safe.


Show l’Homme V.

In addition to the weekend event, the city of Lons-Le-Saunier offers you Place de la Liberté: L’Homme V. an acrobatic and danced piece on BMX accompanied by the sound of the Cello. A show by Vincent Warin-Cie 3.6/3.4

Saturday, May 28 two sessions: 5pm and 7pm // Free // From 4 years old

man V