The Bel Group is committed to having a positive impact on all those around it, from farmers to consumers, while preserving the planet. In 2003, Bel affirmed its commitment to sustainable development and chose to join the United Nations Global Compact. In 2016, the Bel Group placed corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its growth model with the implementation of an approach that meets the needs of populations and the challenges of our lifestyles. Subsequently, it initiated a profound and proactive transformation of its business model by evolving its mission – “to commit to healthier and more responsible food for all” – thus reaffirming its commitment.

In 2019, Bel has identified five priority challenges, directly related to its business, which have become the foundation of its action.

  • Contribute to a healthier diet;
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture;
  • Commit to responsible packaging;
  • Fight climate change and reduce its environmental footprint;
  • Reinforce the accessibility of its products.

The House of The Laughing Cow proposes to relay these strong commitments by giving them a more visible place in the scenographic tour thanks to an interactive and playful installation designed and produced by the studio “Cher Ami,” from Lyon. Nine meters of wall space will allow visitors to see concrete data while understanding the impact of Bel’s objectives for 2025.

Sensitive sensors distributed in the wall and the huge cartography of the achievements and objectives allow the spectators to discover the different themes like a treasure hunt to be led with the family. Each visitor becomes an actor in this process and we hope that he or she will be an ambassador for the values held by all our employees.

An ingenious installation that has already received the FWA award for creation and innovation in November 2020.

“It’s a great pleasure to work for this iconic brand but above all with people who are passionate about the brand. Throughout the project, we felt an immense respect for the history but also a clear and communicative vision to project the brand into the future. It’s all of this that allows an innovative company like ours, to think outside the box and that’s the case to say.”

Jean-Frédéric Passot

Design and production by the Lyon-based digital production agency ” Cher Ami “. Cher Ami ( ) is an interactive production studio based in Lyon which has already won several awards on reference sites such as Fwa or Awwwards. They produce interactive experiences for advertising agencies, major brands and institutions.