Since 2018, three game tables have been offering visitors to La Maison de La Vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow House) the opportunity to discover the subjects of food and of nutrition while having fun. Each of these tables deals with a different theme and uses its own game mechanics. A quiz that highlights the different breakfast food cultures around the world, a puzzle that reveals the advice of “eating well”, or an olfactory game that puts our noses to the test using the flavours of the Apéricubes!

In 2021 we updated these features to keep up with the evolution of nutritional recommendations, and for a new olfactory challenge, we are offering you 6 new Apéricube flavours!

Still in line with current consumer concerns, a new table completes the package to help families discover the benefits of legumes in our diet. These foods with unsuspected powers have been invited into the new Blends range from The Laughing Cow®. The brand offers three new recipes, combining dairy and vegetable raw materials, mainly aimed at English-speaking consumers. Visitors will be able to discover them through a mechanism that is both playful and ingenious.