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The House of The Laughing Cow offers school groups and leisure centres a series of educational workshops divided into 5 main themes: temporary exhibition, communication, nutrition, manufacturing and history. Strong themes approached in an offbeat way to learn while having fun. Do not hesitate to use the filter below to find the activity that suits your group or to contact the public service directly in order to benefit from personalised support.

In order to anchor our workshops at the heart of real educational sequences, the public service also provides you, on request, with a certain number of tools:

  • Our “preparatory sheets” will indicate the skills required during the activity, as well as the additional visits to be made in the region.
  • Our “resource documents” will provide you with bibliographies and sitographies on themes related to the event.

Contact us by email at contact@lamaisondelavachequirit.com or by phone at

By creating your personal space on our website, you will be able to make a selection of educational sheets useful for the organisation of your outings. Once your personal space has been created, you can simply bookmark the materials you are interested in.

The History Explorers of Time Dès 8 ans

Equipped with a digital tablet and embarked in the Laughing Cow ship, the children leave to explore the cellars of The House of the Laughing Cow: Who invented it? In what year was it born? Where was it made for the first time? These are all questions that must be answered to win a portion […]


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