21/05/2016  – 31/10/2016

The Laughing Cow House is challenging itself to surprise you with a 100% exhibition on packages. In association with the collective of architects « Bruit du frigo » and the stylist and plastic artist Micha Deridder, The Laughing Cow House wants to make you discover packaging in a totally offset angle.

With the help of the packaging development direction from the Innovation Factory Bel in Lons-le-Saunier, the artists offers participative setups which will allow visitors to have a tour in the exhibition where discovery happens through experiment.

They helped with the exhibition

Micha Deridder, Stylist and plastic artist
Helped by Baptiste Pichaud, they focused on working to renew the relation between clothes and art. This fashion designer develops an artistic approach which grows with an innovative outlook at the crossroads of styles. « The Laughing Cow goes through time and memories, today its packaging coats visitors for an exceptional fitting, a suspended instant. Wearing fashionable clothes : jackets of different shapes, circle and other styles skirts… reminding the animated movies of our childhood or the beautiful wardrobe from Peau d’âne tale. Wearing jumpers in Babybel net, dreaming coated with new garments, parading on the catwalk in The Laughing Cow House.
« I imagined a collection magnifying the colours and graphism of the packaging, playing with the bearing and the sound of the material. The very technical material is laser cut and soldered with a new ultrasound technology machine : the Nucléus, in partnership with Heinlex school in Saint- Nazaire. Reconnecting with the mesh tradition, dresses and tank tops are knitted by inhabitants around Lons-le-Saunier ».

Bruit du Frigo
A collective based in Bordeaux which gathers architects, urban planners and artists around a cooperation approach with users, on the transformation of our living conditions. Bruit du frigo is a“hybrid” between a urban research department, a creation and popular educational structure, which focuses on studying and acting in the city and the inhabited land, through cultural, artistic and participative approaches. As they are doing it in the public space, they accepted to represent their philosophy to observe the packaging uses. Acting together and negotiating space : participative practices towards a daily creativity, understanding of a temporary environment ; imaginary stimulation around packaging.

We are thankful to the Innovation Factory Emballages and the different packaging teams of Bel Group for their help.
The Innovation Factory Emballage, within the Innovation and Research direction, is an expert team of Bel Group. They lead projects of new packaging concepts and upgrades of existing packagings for all the brands in Bel Group, and for all the markets around the world. This team creates sustainable packagings, available for all, which transform the cheese consumption in a unique experience. Their work is to understand and anticipate the consumers expectations, to translate them into innovating packagings, industrially achievable. To achieve these ambitions, Bel Group put into place a two-poles organization : a “incubator” department which experiments new concepts, new technologies and a “developing” department which transforms them into innovative packagings.