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 La Maison de La vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow House)

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MVQR is very careful and is doing its best to broadcast quality information on the Site.

MVQR cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy and completeness of these information. Therefore, MVQR, subjected to a means obligation, cannot be held responsible for any direct and indirect prejudice because of misused and/or an inexact or incomplete information.

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However MVQR disclaims responsibility in case of difficulties of access to its website or interruptions of connexion, whatever the causes may be.

In particular, MVQR keeps the right to any modification of the website that seems useful, and this without any foretold warning and even if the access to the website is therefore interrupted.

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Likewise, all the quoted brands on the site are the exclusive property of FROMAGERIES BEL of which MVQR is a subsidiary and for which MVQR has a right of usage. Any reproduction of these brands, without the prior agreement of FROMAGERIES BEL or MVQR is therefore strictly forbidden.

In general, MVQR cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, resulting from the forbidden use of information or any other element delivered on the Site.

3 (4). Applicable law


The Site is under the French law.

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