It’s up to you to find it!

Discover a contemporary, pop and playful installation and plunge into the funny and offbeat spirit of the brand La Vache qui rit. Through 8 works using several visual processes such as anamorphosis, optical illusion or lenticular image, come and challenge La Vache qui rit and find it again. To do so, you will not have to hesitate to move around in space, to look for the right angle and above all to take your time. These installations will provoke humour and connivance!

The composition :

  • 2 installations based on anamorphosis
  • 2 installations using the lenticular technique
  • 2 paintings around the optical illusion, one of which is inspired by the images of Epinal.
  • 1 graphic work inspired by “Where’s Charlie”.
  • 1 graphic work using a revealing red filter

In partnership with La Poétique de l’Autruche, event director – Virginie Amant & Julie Vuillemin. Aimed at professionals as well as private individuals, La Poétique de l’Autruche, based in Besançon, combines its creativity and know-how to offer you an original, offbeat, aesthetic, playful and poetic staging without forgetting the notion of participation within the event. She invites the spectators to plunge into a unique universe, tailor-made according to the location, so that they are surprised, become “actors” and of course have a good time!

& Stéphane Angelier / Visual Suspect / 3D Consulting