a Maison de La Vache qui rit (The House of the Laughing Cow) is putting itself under the sign of augmented reality and calls upon the Theoriz studio to create its brand new device. This young French studio, specialising in interactive experiences and videomapping, presents an installation under the symbol of laughter and cheerfulness. Visitors become the actors of a virtual experience that is as offbeat as it is zany. This immersive installation allows everyone to transform themselves into avatars in the image of the brand. What a surprise to see oneself suddenly dressed with boxes from Vietnam, to play with the first box of Laughing Cow and to move portions with the movements of his body. These new characters may even have some unexpected offbeat and crazy behaviour in store for them. Between play and sensory experience, the artistic and creative magic will work on both young and old. An experience to be lived and shared as a family.


“The collaboration with the brand Vache qui rit has been very enriching in every way. Being asked about the angle of art, new technologies and laughter was an experience and a journey that interested us. A search between sensoriality, emotion and aesthetics that fascinated and touched us, in addition to the great trust that the brand has placed in our ideas and artistic proposals. It was a great experience that we had in carrying out this project, as well as a beautiful interactive installation that will soon be on display at the Laughing Cow Museum”.

David Chanel


THÉORIZ is a Lyon-based Art & Technology creative studio specialising in the design of immersive installations and innovative audiovisual shows. At the crossroads of new technologies, digital and art, THÉORIZ’s team of engineers and artists combine art and technology to create new types of experiences.