For the 100th anniversary, we want to make the presence of The Laughing Cow felt throughout the ages, beyond the key dates found in the museum’s cellars. We have chosen to tell this story in the form of 6 thematic anecdotes, illustrating 6 key periods in the brand’s history. More than a hundred boxes illustrated on wooden plaques allow visitors to discover a magnificent colourful painting. The whole thing can be discovered according to three levels of reading. Firstly, visitors discover a giant comic strip, on the scale of a 9 m wide by 7 m high wall. The monumental dimension of this device will lead them to use cardboard binoculars to discover every detail. A real treasure hunt! And finally they will be able to hear the protagonists of these stories using the 6 audio capsules available on their smartphone.

The story begins with Benjamin Rabier, a talented animal illustrator, as he draws the first Laughing Cow. It continues through the 1930s, at the heart of the production of this innovative portioned product, and right up to its distribution!  In 1954, alongside a family, we await the passage of the Tour de France and its caravan so dear to The Laughing Cow. We find her again in 1970, perfectly anchored in this somewhat carefree company which sees the advertising media diversify. The journey through time continued in 2000 in a 2CV round the world tour by two students. We see The Laughing Cow adapting to customs and consumption patterns in the 4 corners of the world thanks to the ingenuity of its portion. The story ends in 2020 with an opening onto the world of tomorrow. A world that we hope will be more responsible, more respectful of nature, and where the smile of The Laughing Cow will be a key element.


“It’s a great pleasure to work for this iconic brand but above all with people who are passionate about it. Throughout the project, we have felt an immense respect for history but also a clear and communicative vision of projecting the brand into the future. It is all this that allows an innovative company like ours to think about ideas that go beyond the box, and that is the case”.

Jean-Frédéric Passot

Designed and produced by the Lyon-based digital production agency “Cher Ami”. Cher Ami ( ) is an interactive production studio based in Lyon which has already won several awards on reference sites such as Fwa and Awwwards. They produce interactive experiences for advertising agencies (Betc, Wieden+Kennedy, Tbwa, Isobar, Heaven, Publicis, DDB Nouveaux Mondes, etc.), major brands (Volvic, Arte, Médecins Sans Frontières, Schneider Electric, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Pilot, Stella Artois, etc.) and institutions (Centre Georges Pompidou, Fondation Cartier, Musée des Confluences).