100 Laughter! It’s not just a simple exhibition… In Lons-le-Saunier, birthplace of the first boxes of Vache qui rit ®, it is a real laughing factory that you are going to discover ! More than just portions of cheese, it is smiles, secrets, stories, anecdotes, contained in the billions of boxes already produced in the Jura.

Everyone has already come across this iconic little box of the great Laughing Cow ®. It is these experiences that we propose to share with you. Discover that in 100 years she has had a thousand faces, that she has met many other famous laughers, that if she laughs it is above all because she is a great player and loves to share her smiles!

The Laughing Cow is also a great traveller who masters the languages of the whole world. It is up to you to discover the many ways of sharing laughter throughout the world. On this subject, did you know that people laugh when they say “55555” in Thailand? A sign of course!

The box goes through time as it does, by conveying its smile in our daily lives, it is obviously the one we have chosen to celebrate The Laughing Cow ®. This little round box, you will play with it, discover what’s really inside… On the walls, in a shop window, in an archive, in a video, in a giant cake!

All the facets of this little round box are used as raw material for the creation of this anniversary ! Naturally this exhibition is to be discovered by many, it is The Laughing Cow who says, “the more we laugh the more we laugh! “Come and share smiles, good laughs and crazy laughter, it’s the best way to have fun with her for her 100th birthday!


” What an honour to be invited by The Laughing Cow ® on the occasion of its 100th anniversary! Humour has been an integral part of our work since the creation of the studio and to participate in the anniversary of The Laughing Cow ® is an obvious choice!”


5-5 is a collective global design studio founded in August 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard after studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués. Above all described as a working collective, the 5-5 were propelled to the forefront with their first project Réanim : la médecine des objets. This was followed by the collection of Objets ordinaires, Ouvriers-Designers pour la Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud, and many other emblematic achievements that wrote their history and built their progression. Some have described them as the troublemakers of design, others as the seekers, they have defined themselves as furniture surgeons, political handymen and then idea craftsmen. In this way, they have shaken up and provoked the world of design by systematically questioning their profession or at least their role in the creative process and in consumer society.

Today, their small collective has become a studio, but their state of mind has not changed. Since its inception, studio 5-5 has been advocating the collaboration of individuals in a joyful spirit, and naturally brings together creative multidisciplinary talents in a global design approach. Their convictions are the same as when they started: to always stay close to people, offering useful and aspirational things for the greatest number of people in order to brighten up our daily lives. Humour being a common thread in their work, it was obvious that they would one day cross the path of the world’s biggest laughing girl!